Monday, October 11, 2010

Hellooo??? Remember me

Wow, I haven't posted here in a long time! Glad to see it's still going kudos to you all for keeping the posts rolling. I'd say I am just busy with everything but that seems like a cop out, so I will just blame it on being lazy.

So here is a quick update in the land of Phats. I am pretty good right now, my wife and I are expecting our first child here in late late november, I pretty much told her she wasn't allowed to go into labor on the day of the Old Oaken Bucket game, we'll see how that works out. For those that don't know that's the big Purdue/IU game. We're pretty excited we're having a little boy, any name suggestions are welcomed as we haven't come up with anything we both like. She vetoed Phats Jr, not sure why?? I offered to do a name our kid contest on the blog but she didn't go for that either oh well. I think I am ready to become a parent, I mean I have had a dog since 02 and he's still alive kicking that has to count for something right? This Christmas ought to be pretty cool, at least I think so anyway.

Well, I just thought i'd give you an update and let you know I am not dead, just lazy. I don't usually share much private stuff in my life but this is pretty cool news so you got a glimpse. Don't forget on my main blog I do college pick em for football games every Thursday they are up. I try my hand at picking games of schools who my blogger friends either follow or went to school there. If I am leaving your school out let me know! I will gladly add them

Have a great week everyone.

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