Thursday, September 18, 2008

my first post

INTRO: My name is Chad I'm from Ohio I just turned 37 and I have a lovely wife and 7 year old daughter. For those of you who don't know me I'm friends with the "Design Goddess".

OK I've been lurking for months now and figure it's time for me to post since I'm 37 years old and I tried something new today.

Of course my first post would have to be about food! Today I tried Pad Thai for the first time. I have two words for it "SIMPLY INCREDIBLE". I can't believe as much as I like Japanese, Chinese, and food in general that I haven't tried this stuff before now. Generally I get some sort of chicken dish (General Tso's) when I go to restaurants that serve Chinese and Thai.

OK that pretty much sums up what I did or didn't do at work today. I ate. That is pretty much always the highlight of my boring, mindless, unrewarding days at my workplace. They do however pay me so I suppose I'll keep showing up to my might as well be stealing from the State of Ohio job.

So you're comment homework is to tell me your favorite Japanese, Chinese, Thai or for that matter any type of dish.

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