Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Brings back memories

So, this past Saturday I went to the final home Purdue football game, and of course it's Senior Day and of course that brought back TONS of great memories from my own Senior Day. For those of you who don't know I was a four year member of the Purdue University Spirit Squad. It was quite frankly the best four years of my life, and I made lifelong friends in the process.

Just to take you through the day, it always start with a breakfast at someone's house and the underclassmen serving you. Kristen who is my girlfriend was an underclassman at that time, unfortunately we weren't dating then so I couldn't give her hell. After that you're given your first gift of a picture frame full of memories, it's basically a Purdue Cheerleading collage of pictures. I still have mine! After that you're led outside to see your limo waiting for you, yes they get us a stretch limo to take us around town and eventually to the game. The fun part is touring campus, we hit up breakfast club. For those of you who don't know Purdue has a tradition where the bars open super early on home game Saturdays and serve booze dirt cheap if you are dressed in costume. So, we went in and mingled and the girls led the fight song on top of the bar and we did some cheers, and got recognized it was great. Then it was time to head over for the game, and the warm up area is decorated for us and we receive more gifts it's like Christmas! Then it's time to take the field for the last time at Ross Ade Stadium.

Our Senior Day was awesome because of the excitement in Ross Ade, we were playing our arch rival Indiana for the Old Oaken Bucket, and if we could win we would be the Big Ten Champs and head to the Rose Bowl. I remember the day like it was yesterday, it was FREEZING, we had on warm ups plus our nice warm Purdue Jackets, and head warmers. I got goosebumps when we were recognized before the 4th quarter SHOUT. We routed IU big time behind Purdue legend, and current New Orleans Saint Drew Brees, and the crowd rushed the field. The best part was us seniors got to present the Old Oaken Bucket to Joe Tiller and Drew Brees full of Red Roses. It was so amazing, a day I will truly never forget.

I hope this hasn't bored you all too much! Just watching the Seniors get recognized before the 4th Quarter Shout got me all nostalgic. Thanks for humoring me :)

Boiler Up!
By the way this is a first I am in that picture up top. It's from homecoming where I participated in the Alumni Cheerleading, the question is which one am I? No telling Cher or Tena!


I Think I've Gone Mad said...

OK my guess is you're the one being held up in the air by the guy third from the left.... BWWWWAAAAAHHHHAAAHAHAHA couldn't help myself... I never did anything remotely close to spirit in h.s. or my stint in college other than play golf in h.s. Sounds like a great day though, there is nothing I love more than visiting the Ohio University campus in Athens Ohio... glad you had a good time and GO BUCKS!!!! oh yeah and GO STEELERS!!!!

Design Goddess said...

So that means I can tell everyone then?!?!?! :D

Rocketstar said...

The question is, did you ever go out with any of those beautiful cheerleaders?

Phats said...

Skii- So funny you're such a joker. and the Suckeyes, I thought I liked you

DG- NO you are not allowed!

Rocket- Yes I am engaged to one :) Also while cheering I never dated any of them because that would have been weird if we broke up, seeing as how I am putting my hand in fun places

Phats said...

Oops! that's chad sorry chad. GO STEELERS but no go bucks sorry

angel, jr. said...

Boiler UP!!!

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