Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Endangered Duck

So the one and only Duck started this here amalgamation and now is nowhere to be seen. Not at his normal blog and not here at his creation. Where or where could he be and what could he be doing that that is so important he couldn't show beak or feather here. A few of my theories.

The Duck is busy starting a new business.

He is busy entertaining the kids.

He is hiding from the law.

His long lost Siamese brother is in town.

A terrible accident has befallen him.

He is being held hostage.

I'm sure all of ya'll can come up with a few more theories. I say we keep posting until we shame him into showing his webbed little feet.


Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME Travis!!!

I know what he has been doing but I can't tell ;)

Design Goddess said...

Great post!

I can tell you he's not here in Ohio so, I guess the search continues...

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