Thursday, March 20, 2008

One Week Improvements

I watched an episode of that nanny reality show today. Not sure which one it was, or even if there are more than one. The beginning had this woman descend upon the household dressed like Mary Poppins, which is one reason that I stopped on the channel (is this for real).

So this nanny goes into this home where the children are the absolute leaders/kings/rulers of the house. The children are actually spanking and hitting their parents. I don't condone violence in any form and to see these grade school kids acting like their parents are punching bags makes me uncomfortable.

The nanny starts changing the rules. She sets boundaries, not without resistance, but sets them up anyway. And like the ending of any good fairy tale, leaves the home in one week, and the problems are resolved. No more hitting. Bed time is promptly kept and no food from the dinner table ends up on Daddy's shirt.

I don't have any children myself. I do have younger cousins, grade school and toddler aged children who I frequently babysit. Would a nanny be able to completely resolve behavior issues in a week? I was amazed that these children transformed from terrors to well behaved people in such a short time.


The Duck said...

Yeah, there's no way that these kids are completely behaved after a week like the show makes it appear. It is my experience that children tend to be better behaved for people other than their parents. I have also heard this same thing from other parents.

I'm guessing the show you caught was Super Nanny, which I've watched before and actually think is quite good. The main things that she stresses in every show I've seen is that children need consistency in how they're disciplined, and they need a schedule for their days. Children really tend to like having a dependable schedule to rely on for whatever reason.

OK, I think I've said enough here...

Travis Erwin said...

I'd love for them to revisit the family in a month or so. Bet the little hellions are right back where they were.

Skiingred said...

When are parents going to step up and actually be parents? It's a tough job, and I hate to see kids rule the roost... makes for spoiled little adults in my book.

Do be afraid to tell you kid NO and mean it...

My biggest peeve with parents: When you start to count 1....2.... get to 3 and actually follow through with a spanking (age appropriate!) or other consequence... I followed through one time, and my little one now knows I'm serious when I start to count.

I don't think a Nanny, no matter how good, is going to impart lasting changes if the parents don't follow through!

cher said...

kids these days grow up in a great little world of me-ism. it's rediculous

just smack them every chance you get.

even if they aren't yours!

Rocketstar said...

Structure and discipline ate the keys and can do wonders. If they keep it up, it can work.

The Duck said...

Yes, I've heard that structure and discipline have voracious appetites.

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