Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What if You Are Wrong? (1 minute 20 seconds)

A student asks Richard Dawkins (an Atheist), what if he is wrong.


The Duck said...

I agree with what he says in this clip, but I've read some pretty bad stuff about this particular guy. I myself am agnostic, and I don't appreciate it when atheists get "holier than thou" about their beliefs versus christians or anyone else. Although it does usually seem to come down to atheists vs. christians, and for that I blame the rather paranoid tendencies of both of these particular groups.

Rocketstar said...

Bad stuff about the professor? ;o) He is a bit sharp edged some times. I think we hear about Christians vs Atheists more because of our location in the West, which is dominated by Christians and they continually attempt to push Christianity into government and our lives.

Design Goddess said...

I don't think the Christians are attempting to push Christianity into government. I think it's been pushed OUT of government which is why we have all these politicians who lack integrity, honesty, and morals.

Our land was founded on Christian principles, which, coincidentally, are just common sense. You know, love & treat each other as you would want to be loved & treated yourself. Don't kill people. Don't covet what your neighbors' have, especially their spouse. Treat your parents with respect. Etc.

I know those are truly radical ideas, but if we got back to them, I think our world would be a better place. And that's my opinion, which , since this is a free country...for now, I can still say them without fear of repercussions.

The Duck said...

Wait a sec, isn't George W. a God-fearing Christian? He sure has done a fantastic job huh? Talk about honesty and moral issues.

I have no quarrel with Christian values. For the most part, all religions say, "be a good person", which is great. Everyone should try to be a good person and not lie, steal, kill, etc. Just don't think that because someone says they're a Christian automatically means they're some incredibly upstanding person, because that's obviously not the case. You don't have to be a Christian to be a good person.

I'm speaking from experience on this one...

Rocketstar said...

hey Design Goddess.

So you are basically saying that without religion, we wouldn't have morals. Morality does not require devine intervention. "Godless" societies like in Scandinavia have lower crime rates than "God" countries. Atheists (by % make up less of our prison population than Christians. Humans do not need God to know that we treat others as we want to be treated.

The US was not founded on Christian principles. Most of our founder fathers were Deists not Christians. To come out and say one is an Atheist in 1776 was to sign your own hanging papers.

I agree that it would be a better place (golden rule) and we don't need the threat of eternal torture in hell to live that way. "...still say them without fear of repercussions." Try being an Atheist. Now I am not saying I am some oppressed poor sole, but just try it next time. Next time someone mentions religion in conversation, work it in there that you are an Atheist, check out their reaction.

I hear ya, if religious folks were all secularly moderate, we wouldn't have issues like this. The problem is that religion is divisive by it's nature. It groups folks into separate and irreconcilable positions. I know who created the universe, it was "my" god, not yours.

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