Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Easter Countdown

For Lent, I gave up eating chips/dips. This is good for me because for the most part (since I don't know how to cook that well) it has been a staple of my diet. It's probably the reason I haven't lost weight even with my work-out regimen.

The bad thing is, I'm craving it more than ever. This is unlike the time I gave up cigarettes. Within a few days after my last puff, I was pretty much over the nicotine need. No mood swings, no cravings, nothing! But this chip craving is driving me up a wall!! The favorites that I miss are barebeque chips!! And of course onion flavored snacks (you know the kind that are shaped like onion rings--not good for your breath, but very tasty).

On the bright side, I've lost a couple pounds!!


Travis Erwin said...

I too love Funyuns.

Phats said...

Wow good luck with that I like you am a fan of chips too and couldn't resist em. It seems like when you can't have something that is definitely when you crave it the most. You can do it!

Anonymous said...

I crave beer. When I am being good, I eat nutritional yeast instead. It satisfies my flavor craving while sparing me the trip into an alcoholic coma.
Mmm, I'm gonna chastly go mix some nutritional yeast and ketchup in with some cottage cheese! ;-)

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