Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gee I haven't been here in awhile

Hi guys,
Yeah sorry about neglecting this "amazing" blog that Mr Duck has started, but well I have been busy. Sure that's no excuse to abandon you but hey I can't think of anything better. A little update in the life of Phats

I am still teaching HS history between the hours of 7-2

Our cheerleading season that I coach came to end Saturday when our girls basketball team lost in the Regional round of the tournament(elite 8). Although we still have a halftime performance Friday, and tryouts will be right around the corner.

I am still working nights teaching tennis classes at the local indoor tennis center, and helping manage the pro shop

Varsity girls tennis is up next, I am the head coach and the season starts here in 2 weeks.

So see I wasn't lying I am really busy, and as much as I would love to blog I just don't have time. I do today though and as I continue to type this I realize what a shitty post this is becoming and sincerely apologize for that. I didn't want to talk sports on here because that is what my main blog is about. Although I have to say BOILER UP!

Lets see, nothing else really. I did finish a book recently, called "double cross" By James Patterson. It's a part of the Alex Cross series, you know kiss the girls, along came a spider. It was very good and strangely enough it kind of went hand in hand with the latest movie I just saw. Both having to do with Cyber Crimes. My sister, brother in law, girlfriend, and I went and saw "Untraceable" It's really good, it was pretty intense and made me realize I am never meeting anyone from the net, except for Duck since he assured me he's not a murderer.

Alright I thought I should make an appearance over here, we got some bad snow today so the night classes at the tennis center were cancelled. I am going to relax and enjoy some American Idol! Everyone have a good one



The Duck said...

That's all right. I've abandoned both this blog and my main blog... So, yeah.

Travis Erwin said...

Phats have you and the duck been hiding together?

Phats said...

Watch what you're implying there Travis! haha

angel, jr. said...

Yay for American Idol!!

Design Goddess said...

I thought you said you, Skii, Nutz, Chad and I were heading to the Point this summer?! Since you're never meeting people from the net, does that mean our trip is canceled?! :'(

cher said...

ya, and what about moving in with Rob and I?

oh, and you forgot that you still don't have a phone.

and don't you mean fiance?

Phats said...

Angel- I love this part of Idol! Some good talent this year

DG- HA Cedar Point or BUST! As long as you ride the roller coasters

Cher- Or wife whichever. ;) haha nope still no phone sorry, maybe once i am married

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