Thursday, October 11, 2007

Apparently it's christmas time in Indiana.

Alright so I get in my car to drive to work the other day, I am barely awake as it is at 6:00am and I turn on my favorite radio station and what do I hear, that's right Christmas Music. Yes, it's not even Halloween and they are playing Christmas music so I am thinking WTF, at first I thought it might be some joke the morning show is doing, it's called Marco and the Morning Mess. However, after about 10 more Christmas songs with no DJ breaks I figured it wasn't a joke. So, I get to school(I am a teacher) and I got on their homepage, and see the message Radio Now will no longer be heard on this station anymore, instead we bring you 93 days of Christmas Music. What the hell?! I don't want to hear Christmas music in October damn it.

So, apparently the scoop is the ad revenue wasn't good enough for emmis(the owners) and they are going be bringing talk radio to the station in January. Today though the good news was Radio Now was bought by Radio One and is changing frequency's, now I just hope the morning mess group will all come back! It was one of the few good radio stations around here, and the morning show is freaking hilarious. The morning show crew was on a cruise when all this went down and came back to not having job, can you imagine that?? SUCKY! So, as long as all my favorite DJ's are back I am not pissed off anymore.

If you want to see my predictions for all the bloggers favorite college football teams head over to my other blog, and BOILER UP BABY!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! 93 days of Christmas???

Actually Phats, this is so funny, as I was saying to my husband last night... "it feels like Christmas out tonight!" I don't know if it was the cold wet air, turning the heat on in the car for the first time in a long time, or what, but I maybe would have actually tuned into it last night!!!

angel, jr. said...

I like Christmas music, but not out of season.
However, everyone should practice the "spirit of Christmas" all year long!!

Rocketstar said...

Just what Jesus would want, 93 days of CHRISTmas.

The Egg said...

Yeah that's a bit extreme, but I agree that the spirit of Christmas should be practiced everyday.

Travis Erwin said...

I say we blend Halloween and Christmas and do away with Thanksgiving all together.

I'm dreaming of a white Halloween.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Goblin.

Jack-O-Lanterns nipping at my nose.

Pumpkins raosting on an open fire.

Jingle Hells!

cher said...

phats. that really is retarded. i think you should call the station and complain. oh wait. that's right, you can't.

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