Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It was a happy homecoming for Phats

Well for those of you who don't know, or don't read my other blog, I am a diehard Purdue fan, a purdue graduate, and a former Purdue Cheerleader. So, homecoming is always a fun time for me, because it consists of getting to go back on the field and cheer again! This year our opponent was the Northwestern Wildcats, and I have to tell you just standing in the endzone waiting to run on with the team I was freaking pumped up, they let us old geezer alumni run the flags, and it still doesn't matter I still get goosebumps when I hear Hail Purdue.

As for the game itself it was crazy, we won 35-17 it wasn't that easy though we had to score 21 4th quarter points, and hold them to 4 total yards, and 0 first downs to win the thing. I have to admit that after the game I was a little sore, I tumbled thru the endzone after we scored a touchdown and threw my full twist which I haven't really done since college, and didn't warm it up. Gladly I landed it and didn't fall on my ass and embarrass myself.

After the game my girlfriend and I went to some cool halloween parties on campus, and continued to catch up with old friends and people we had cheered with(my gf cheered at purdue too). All in all a great homecoming weekend. Oh yeah, I got to see Neil Armstrong! He is a Purdue grad as well, and he led the fourth quarter shout, but before the game they honored him by naming a new engineering wing after him, pretty cool. Here is a picture of him leading SHOUT, he got a HUGE ovation, even the football teams were looking up in awe.


The Duck said...

Good stuff Phats. How long do you get to go back to cheer? As long as you're able, or is there some sort of statute of limitations on cheerleading?

Also, glad to hear you didn't fall on your face during your tumbling routine there. I'm sure the adrenaline was flowing.

Phats said...

Duck- You can go back and cheer for as long as your body lets you. We had an 80 yr old this year. The older people actually got together and did an old school pyramid. I was going to post a picture but didn't AA almost got my exclusive. Yes it's nice not to go SPLAT when tumbling in front of 60,000

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