Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Next Rocketstar Generation

What am I doing? What is my better half doing? What kind of human beings are we growing?

  • One that questions everything.
  • One that is a skeptic at heart.
  • One that is so obsessed by the imperfections of the world that they will miss the beauty.
  • One that doesn't not follow the sheep blindly.
  • One that will encounter tough times for her analytical thinking.
  • One that will loathe those in government for thier coniving motives.
  • One that understands what REAL character is.
  • One that needs to escape from this experiment we call life far too often.
  • One that doesn't hate people, but seems to feel better when they are not around.
  • One that sees that big picture and isn't blurred from the minutia.
  • One that sees this life as an insignificant skid mark on the universes' underwear.

Is my insanity going to slowly and ever so deeply infect my future genetic material?

Of course it is, unfortunately.


cher said...

i think sheep resent their name sake.

The Egg said...

I especially liked the skid mark statement! Great list of criteria.

angel, jr. said...

Why did sheep get that rap?

Rocketstar said...

angel, I think it is because they follow blindly. One sheep starts walking off and the rest just follow.

Design Goddess said...

I hope they still encourage analytical thinking when she's in school!

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