Monday, October 1, 2007

Not that I need any more confusion in my life...

As Jason "JD" Dean would say: Greetings and Salutations !
I usually hang out over on LifeonDelaware It's really neat seeing the collection of coolness that is this blog.

Now here is a pic I snapped with the celly -- had to blow it up a bit, that's why it's so grainy, but what do you think it says?

I found it in a local restaurant parking space, in front of the sign advertising pumpkin pancakes of all things. I pull into the spot, well, because there was a parking berm there, and it looked like a space. Also, I thought it was next to my dad's car, which turned out to not be my dad Who's that guy sitting in Dad's car?

As I exit my car, I see the above sign painted on the asphalt with 2 arrows framing the letters. I was a bit puzzled... perhaps they were planning on resurfacing the parking lot...but, with...toner? I had no idea! So as my mother and I are trying to figure out what the heck this is saying we are getting strange looks from the guy next to us, who is not in my dad's car.

My grandfather walked up to us in the lot, took one look down and said, "not one."

Duh! Go figure - the English teacher gets hung up on the smooched together capitals and can't make out a sign! We got a good laugh out of that one.

And so did the guy who was not in my dad's car.


The Duck said...

Oh, that clearly says, "No Tone". I don't blame you for being confused about that one.

angel, jr. said...

Yup, I agree with Duck. It says no tone.

Rocketstar said...

That must have been a wierd feeling, "Who is that man in my Dad's car?".

Travis Erwin said...

And here I thoguht the proprietors of the establishment had a beef with Tone Loc.

Any one up for some Funky Cold Medina?

cher said...

totally NO TONE. completely. and you should have dragged that guy out of your dad's car by his ears.

I Think I've Gone Mad said...

Let the record reflect this incident happened in STARK county Ohio and NOT LAWRENCE county Ohio. Oh and who do I talk to so I can post some of the weird not so funny things that happen in my life???

The Duck said...

I think I've gone mad - just send an email to and let me know what your blogger email address is so I can send you an invite! Thanks!

Design Goddess said...

At first I thought it was no tone, but then I clearly saw it was not one. However, I thought it was going to say something else b/c there were letters that were cut off or something.

I can't believe that it wasn't in Lawrence County! :D

cher said...

i can't believe it's not butter

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