Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat or Church

Here in West Virginia, many cities have chosen to observe trick or treating on Tuesday, October 30th, which would technically be All Hallow's Eve Eve I guess. I haven't heard of this anywhere I've ever lived before, but the reason for this is because many churches in the area either have church activities, or actually have their services on Wednesdays.

I'm not a big fan of moving the trick or treating around, but then again I'm a heathen. I would think that even if I did go to church on Wednesdays that I wouldn't mind missing church one week out of the year to celebrate a national holiday. Independence Day was on a Wednesday this year too. They didn't reschedule the fireworks so people wouldn't have to miss Bible study. This whole "church on Wednesday" thing is new to me anyway. Who goes to church on Wednesdays? I thought Sunday was the day. The sabbath and all that.

Anyway, what do you think?


Rocketstar said...

I'm not surprised, after all you do know that Halloween is the Devil's holiday. ;o)

Skiingred said...

One of the first school's I taught (actually, it was the second) didn't have events, such as after school meetings and games, scheduled on Wednesdays because of church services. It was in southern OH, which I guess is the edge of the Bible belt!

Many communities had Trick or Treat on Sunday night -- I'm glad ours had it last night!

Travis Erwin said...

One of the small towns near me did move their fireworks display to another night so as not to ruin church night.

Around here most of the churches sponsor trick or trunk where they hadn candy and religious pamphlets put of the back of car trunks int heir parking lot.

I hate the idea. I miss the days of old when every block had dozens of kids walking along the sidewalks.

Phats said...

A lot of churches here had Halloween parties on that Tuesday, trick or treating just isn't as big as it used to be.

Design Goddess said...

Our area has moved Trick or Treating to the Sunday before in the afternoon so it's not "dangerous." Um....from what I remember, my mom or dad went with us and I remember the police driving around handing out pretzel rods to the kids. It's just no fun anymore.

As for the church thing, a lot of Christian churches have services on Wednesday night. I'm not sure why, I just know that they do.

cher said...

i don't know anything about church on wednesday. maybe it's catholic, and it is mass-ish? i guess we here in victoria bc are heathen's too, because we froze our butts off on wednesday, as did the rest of the island.

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