Saturday, September 22, 2007

A church where every woman has a smile.

This one is for Duck the founder of this here amalgamation. I have seen a few similar pics on his regular site.

I hope you can decipher the message, but if not this church sign reads -- TRAIN YOUR TONGUE TO OFFER COMFORT

I spotted this message while driving down a busy street. My wife missed it at first so I told her what it said as I circled back to snap this pic. She said. I'm sure they didn't mean it that way. I agree but still people need to think these things through ...

Or am I the only one whose mind hops right in the gutter on this one?


Rocketstar said...

No, you are not the only one. What really gets me are the Editors of newspapers that miss headlines like this. It happens all of the time.

Design Goddess said...

Yep, think you're the only one! ;)

cher said...

travis! Duck will love to see this when he gets back! I have a photo of a church sign too that i was going to post...great minds think alike. You just happen to be better at the follow through than me. But I will hunt for it and get around toposting it soon.
awesome post and I so agree. people really need to think their advertising through more!! either that, or hand out free gutter cleanings with each ad.

alternatefish said...

I'm a college student, my mind doesn't have to hop to the gutter. It lives there. :)

Anonymous said...

My mind is so in the gutter I can't even think how this could have possibly been meant in a non sexual way. Hey, do you ever think that maybe... they sit there and think up kinky things to put on church signs and THEN think of some plausibly religious meaning it could have???

Kay said...

That's awesome. Churches where I come from just post little snippets of scripture.
How anyone could read that and not think something dirty, I just don't know.

The Duck said...

I didn't realize that presbyterians were so progressive. They forgot to put the time that lesson was being taught on the sign though. I can see it now:

7:00 PM - Bingo
8:30 PM - Tongue Training

That's a great pic Travis, thanks for thinking of us when you saw it!

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