Friday, September 28, 2007

Everything You've Heard About English Weather is True

This is the current view from the kitchen window.

The weather changes so quickly and so much that I have to go out bundled up against the wind and cold, carrying a bag big enough to shove all my clothes in when it gets hot, plus an umbrella for when it starts raining. And that's just for mornings.

On the other hand, English chocolate is very good.

By the way, if anyone who's been to London or anywhere in England wants to give me advice on fun things to do and see, that would be awwwwwesome.

Not much of a blog post, I know. Sorry. I just wanted to remind everyone that I'm here.


Rocketstar said...

I've been to London and fortunately back in 1994 I was there when they had one of their hottest and sunniest weeks ever!

Nothing out of the ordinary, Tralfalgar(sp?) square is great for people watching as is the Theatre district at night.

Anonymous said...

Oh, why let me help you out there, you would like to invite the Duck and I are our DARLING two children over to spend a week with you. ;) Then, after we left, you would actually enjoy being bored liek you never have before.

cher said...

haha-Emily... you are one funny lady.
alternatefish- i've heard there is a bridge there that's pretty famous. oh wait. i think it fell down on a fair lady or something...

Amanda said...

I've heard the aquarium is good. The British Museum was entertaining too. I'm kind of a dork though. They have terracotta warriors from China there right now, I want to go see them :) (You have to pre buy tickets though, £15 to reserve your show-up time). There was also some cool stuff at the natural history museum.

Brighton isn't far from London, though I can't imagine an English seaside is very nice in October.

If you have someone to go with there is some sort of wine place in Southwark where you can taste a bunch of wines.

alternatefish said...

I've been to Trafalgar, which was pretty cool, and I'm going to try to get to the British Museum this week. I've heard about those terracotta warriors, and apparently they're already sold out for a while. good grief.

went to the tower of london yesterday! haven't been to any theater yet tho, so I'm feeling like a slacker.

emily, you and duck and your two children are more than welcome to share my miniature dorm room. I think if everyone squishes together there's enough room for sleeping bags on the floor. :)

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