Friday, September 14, 2007

the introduction post

yo. what up, peeps?

My nom de plume is alternatefish, and I am currently entertaining the blogging world with recitation of my exploits in Merrie Olde England.

Probably I will talk here about England, and Oscar Wilde (we're engaged), and hockey, probably rugby and zombies, writing and the publishing world, maybe some more hockey. Or something entirely different I haven't thought of yet. We'll see.

I'm curious and excited to see what this blog becomes, the few people I already know here are awesome and I have high hopes for all the rest.

I would just like to end with this announcement.

Right, Travis?


Travis Erwin said...

Welcome. I guess.

Do they play any hockey over on the far side of the pond?

The Duck said...

wow, way to make the new amalgamate (thanks for the term, tena) feel at home travis. "welcome. i guess." :)

Well you and Amanda have the whole "living in England" thing in common, so we'll see how that goes. this place is truly international!

Not interested in hockey to say the least though. sorry...

Rocketstar said...

welcome alternatefish.

Hockey, the Number 1 spectator sport closely followed by NFL Football. Hockey wins the in person and NFL wins the TV watching.


angel, jr. said...

Welcome alternate fish!!

Phats said...

I am scared of sharks, well fish in general. This one though looks more loveable than scary! I don't really follow hockey do they still play that sport it doesn't get much coverage in the US

Travis Erwin said...

Alternatefish and I have a run and gun battle over the Stars and Sharks, but she knows its all good natured.

Amanda said...

I swear I bought a greeting card a couple weeks ago with your avatar's fish on it.

cher said...

alternatefish-- WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME!!!!!
i'm all about the photos in posts, so i was naturally thrilled to see you post photos...especially of some type of fish. phats is scared of them.

Tena said...

Welcome, alternatefish, to the Amalgomates. (Duck, I love naming things.) I recall we had some email correspondence before you left for England. Hope you're enjoying life on the other side of the pond. Have you met Amanda?

alternatefish said...

yay internet cafes! I haven't been without internet for this long since...before the internet.

anyway, thanks for the welcome guys. Especially Travis, who has yet to realize that deep down inside he just wishes he were cool enough to be a Sharks fan. ;}

Amanda, I stole my avatar from some book, I think, so that would explain why it's on a greeting card.

Rocketstar--are you a Wild fan? I'm going to school in the Twin Cities. When I'm not in England, I mean.

I'll make sure to put lots of fish pictures in my post, phats, just for you.

ok, paying for this by the minute, so I'll see y'all later.

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