Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I thought I would say my first official hello, so "hello", officially.

Ummm, hmmm. I cannot think of one interesting fact to note about myself. So, let that be my interesting fact: there is nothing notable about me.

My husband and I recently succumbed to the cable company and added DVR to our services. With this new technology, I was able to record Oprah from yesterday and I forced my husband to sit and watch it with me. Anyone else catch it? It was all about sex and porn and open marriages. You would think it would be exciting, but, um, it wasn't. It was very interesting though watching this couple in an "open marriage" that basically consisted of them inviting their friend over for board games and watching tv, and then the friend and the wife retired to the guest room for the night. What??? Anyone have any thoughts on this? LOL Dare I ask?
Oh, and I added a pic I snapped of the National Cathedral this past weekend. It has nothing to do with my post, but Cher likes pics, so I thought I would include one. I just wanted to jump on the "church picture" posting bandwagon, though, my church didn't have anything interesting to say.


Rocketstar said...

Welocme Emily. The whole open marriage thing is a very difficult thing to pull off. You have to be the "right" kind of people to not allow jealous, insecurity etc... to tear you apart.

A good read on the subject is "lifestyle" about swinging. I myself could never do it.

But I also think monomagy is unnatural, go figure.

cher said...

sex, photos AND my name mentioned in one post! NICE Emily!! oh and i don't buy for a second that there are no interesting facts about you. you have two children. you are exhausted. no one expects you to think of yourself ever, its ok.

open marriages seem like soooo much work. i'm full on lazy.

Anonymous said...

Hello there Rocketstar. Thanks for the recommendation on the read. According to Oprah's expert, swinging and open marriage are two different things. Ah, the tangled webs we weave.

Cher - bahhhaaa.... well, THERE are interesting facts about me, I am sure, I am just too tired to think of any. Uh, that are shareable. ;)

As I was looking through my pics, I saw that my church DID in fact have something to say... a HUGE banner bragging about the fact that it took a whole century to build it. This led me to the conclusion that churches may in fact be nothing more than giant billboards.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Hi Emily,

I'm a friend of Travis Erwin and I pop in here once in a while, so I just wantedd to say I'm happy to meet you and look forward to your posts.


angel, jr. said...

I think most people would say that it would be fun to swing, but personally I think it would tear people apart in the end.

Phats said...

Welcome Emily!

The Duck said...

that reminds me. i've been meaning to ask you a question...

Anonymous said...


Oh yeah??


Or wait, was that directed at Phats??

Thanks for the welcome there Phats!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no wait, that's right, you wanted to ask me if I would like to invite a friend over and go to bed with him while you hang out with the kids right? LOL

Phats said...

Woah I think I'm gonna like emily haha

cher said... guys. your comments are so funny.

oh. and, Emily, where should i send your plane ticket?

Anonymous said...

Someday Cher, someday...

I hope you noticed my use of the "forbidden fruit" tag... I did that just for you hon! I dont' want Travis to get too big of an ego with his name in HUGE letters over there lol ;)

cher said...

haha...and yes, i noticed!

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