Wednesday, September 19, 2007

THE Greatest Feeling Ever

Ok, well first we obviously must remove the ORGASM fro the potential list as we all know that it is THE greatest feeling ever, otherwise you would not be here.

So after the orgasm, here is the greatest feeling.

At #1, we have that "state of mind" in between WAKE and SLEEP. That feeling you get while watching TV in bed and drifting into and out of sleep. That delicate middle part that sometimes GET"S JOLTED by a feeling of falling although most of the time it is heaven (figuratively of course).

That feeling of your brain shutting down, rebooting and resetting for the loads , no TONS of information your brain will attempt to process the next day. I LOVE that feeling, the feeling of numbness.

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cher said...

when i was a child, i caught a fleeting glimpse. out of the corner of my eye.
i turned to look
but it was gone

great post rocketstar!

Rocketstar said...

cher, one of my favorite songs ever.

Rocketstar said...

"just the basic facts,
Can you show me where it hurts?"

angel, jr. said...

I get that falling feeling sometimes right before I fall asleep. Or right before I fall asleep I will suddenly do a reflex kick and will be jolted out of bed.

cher said...

rocketstar- my facebook name was "cher is comfortably numb" for months

i think now it says something like "facebook sucked the life out of me and i'd just prefer an email"

blogging is beter. did i meet you on facebook? nooo... i met you on blogger... and, i must say, you have a wonderful blog...with lots of great photos! and you are so glad you met me. oh wait. that came out wrong. hmm uh, no. that as right. ;P

Travis Erwin said...

Two muscle relaxers chased by a Rum and coke will give you the same feeling anytime of the day.

Rocketstar said...

travis, i hear ya. I prefer a vicadin or percaset and a couple of drinks.

I'm thinking of faking a back injury ;o)

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