Monday, September 17, 2007

I feel so violated.

Hi everyone,
Hope you all had a Phat-Tastic weekend, get it Phat-Tastic uses a play on words of my name. Some people ask is that your real name, and usually I say yes. I mean if someone is dumb enough to believe my name is Phats then let them believe it right? So, did everyone have a great weekend? I sure as hell did. My boilers won, I went out partying with friends and my girlfriend, my crotch got grabbed by some woman. Yeah this literally happened. So, we're at the Neon Cactus great bar in lafayette, having a great time and this girl who is friends with my girlfriend asked if I would take a picture with her. I am a camera hog so I say sure lets go for it, and right as the camera flashes she grabs a handful! Uhh shocked was not even the word to describe it. I thought about posting the picture but I already have too many stalkers(CHER) because of my good looks.

By the way for those who care, my Boilermakers won Saturday 45-22 WOOHOO! 3-0 heading to Golden Gopher country this Saturday. Be sure to catch our homecoming game, because I will be on the field, Oct. 27th mark it down on your calendars.

Everyone have a great weekend and watch out for crotchgrabbers.


cher said...

hey phats....who stalks who? your tennis elbow has spread to your brain. what you failed to mention was that you had her by the arm and put it there.

i love that we just pimp each other out every single chance we get so more people will check us out. we deserve it. we are comment whores after all..

hey, if you want, i could find that girl and trip her for you. although, i have a sneaking suspision that you didn't mind...haha

The Duck said...

Reminds me of that scene towards the end of "Christmas Vacation". If you don't know what I'm talking about, then shame on you. Watch this classic film again, and pay attention when the police raid the house at the end.

Rocketstar said...

Tell her next time, she needs to do more than grab if she is going to grab.

My Golden Gophers should be an easy win for the Boilermakers.

~gkw said...

Golden Gophers?? That's Hueytown's Mascot and you're in trouble if you're playing us!! They won Friday night's football game 63-0. That would be embarrasing for the Boilermakers to lose to a HS team!!! LOL


Travis Erwin said...

Hope she was gentle.

angel, jr. said...

But you didn't mind getting grabbed right? I mean it was all in good fun for both you and the girl.

Phats said...

Cher- I think we're two peas in a pod for sure.

Duck- you have become my hero Christmas Vacation is quite possibly one of the best movies ever

Rocket- HA she was hot at least. I never look past Minny, they ALWAYS play us well.

Gary- somehow I am not too scared of playing your HS team hahaha :) Unless they use the same

Travis- It was a shock

Angel- Umm after the surprise of it wore off, i'd like to have bought her dinner first

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