Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dead air

Hello you Awesome Amalgamators of the Amalgamation!!! It's me, Cher again... I'm not just posting because I'm a blog whore, I'm posting because I'm up to something kind of fun, yet stressful and could use some support!

click this link to see what I'm up to tomorrow morning


Tena said...

Cher is a fellow blogger that knows nothing about politics. Nothing about mainstream news. Nothing about America

Cher, you are a woman after my own heart.

Good luck and have fun on the broadcast!


The Duck said...

Your hubby is in the canadian military? Wait, there's a canadian military? Mind = blown.

cher said...

tena-thanks! call in!

duck-well, no, not really, but he does look really good in his uniform that he plays dress up in everyday! haha

Phats said...

Hi cher fancy finding you here

Tena said...

Cher, I can't call in. I'll be in my writing critique group. Waaa.

Do good.

angel, jr. said...

Cher we love when you blog! You could even post a blank page, and we'd still comment.

Tena said...

Cher, how did it go this morning?

Rocketstar said...

yeah, how did it go?

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