Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Humans Are Just Large Parasites

Parasite: Biology An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host.

American Heritage Dictionary Parasites that live inside the body of the host are called endoparasites (e.g., hookworms that live in the host's gut) and those that live on the outside are called ectoparasites (e.g., some mitesparasitoid.).

So we are ectoparasites and the Earth is the host. Humans originate just like parasites. Sperm fertilizes an egg and the egg (just as a parasite does) attaches to the host (the Mother) and feeds off it until its gestation is complete and it no longer needs that particular host for survival. Then these parasites feed off the Earth for their survival. They consume, burn and destroy their host and give almost nothing in return.

If aliens swooped down from space and circled the Earth, they would observe our parasitic behavior. They would see luscious green forests and vibrant green wetlands but they would also see these brown and black diseased spots on the Earth, commonly known as cities growing like mold on bread as they slowly destroy their portion of the host. Parasites and bacteria have always ruled the world from the beginning of evolution. Right now the number of parasites and bacteria in your gut far exceed the number all humans that have ever lived on this planet.

A parasite has but one mission, to propagate. In order to ensure it continues to thrive it continuously must look for a new host as it slowly destroys its current host. So it brings me back to the fact that as parasites, our mission should be to explore the universe to ensure we have a host to thrive upon as we slowly use up/heat up the earth. This would also aid our search for our true purpose in this immense and unfathomably HUMONGOUS universe.

Another thing just came to mind. When humans are infiltrated with an unwelcome virus, parasite or bacteria that make us sick, we get a fever. Our bodies raise its temperature in attempts to kill the unwelcome visitors because the unwelcome visitors can not survive at higher body temperatures. Maybe that is what the Earth is doing to us right now.

Maybe we are not causing global warming, maybe the Earth is trying to rid itself of its most detrimental parasite.

So thrive on you parasites.


The Duck said...

Reminds me of the bit from The Matrix when Agent Smith is talking about how humans are a disease. It's a compelling argument. We definitely don't live within the bounds of our environment. Technology allows us to live technically beyond our means if that makes sense.

Phats said...

Hmm interesting. I felt like I was back in HS science. I liked the little chart thingy

Do you root for any college teams?

Rocketstar said...

duck, Yeah, I liked the Matrix "idea" as well.

phats, not really. I am more of a "Pro" fan of sports. The only college sport I root for is the Minnesota Golden Gophers hockey team.

Phats said...

Hmm well as long as you don't root for their other teams IE basketball and football. haha. I was going to add your team to my picks, what's your favorite pro team then?

Rocketstar said...

Steelers, Packers, MN Wild and the MN Twolves

Phats said...

Alright on my main blog Rocket I picked the steelers for ya

crocojaw13 said...
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mealdridge said...

This piece of writing works well to promote the concepts of reduce, reuse, and recycle, and be a beneficial inhabitant of Earth. Thank you!

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