Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hello All from Rocketstar

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So hello to everyone and I am looking forward to this experiment but not as much as I am looking forward to today's NFL games!!!

The kids will be doing a lot of art today while I watch the games today while we all sit here on this little blue dot in the middle of the universe speeding at thousands of miles an hour into the vast open universe not even thinking twice about our insignificant existence.

45 minutes and counting... Good luck to all of you fellow Fantasy Owners.


cher said...

this is turning into a really cool experiment. how cool to stop back here and see a new post from someone.

nice to meet you rocketstar.

pick something time consumming for the kids to do like pointalism or something.

THE DUCK said...

cher - yes, exactly. so far, so good. we need more though, spread the word people!

rocketstar - i won my fantasy football league last year, but i'm not playing again this year, because it just sucks the enjoyment out of watching football for me. i'm too stressed about every little play and how it affects my game. blah. good luck to you though. and thanks also for making this blog a smidge less insignificant thanks to your joining up and contributing.

angel, jr. said...

I wanted to join a fantasy league, but like the Duck would be so stressed about it all.

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