Thursday, September 13, 2007

So, I'm gonna learn Mandarin

This way I can interact with the rest of the world in 10 years. (When it all speaks Mandarin too.)

Although I'm not putting a huge stock of faith in UK city night classes, it sounds interesting enough, and it's cheap enough for me to do it just for fun. So maybe I will keep on with updates when I learn interesting things?

At any rate, signups were tonight, and they only have 7 people... they say they need 10 really, but I'm hoping they try to do it anyway because fewer people is better. Also, the other times they're offering it aren't as good for me.

(See ya later in Mandarin here)


Phats said...

Maybe you can come back after a few classes and teach us all on this blog how to speak it too!

Tena said...

Hi Amanda,

If you learn to speak Mandarin, you will own the world. Good luck!

angel, jr. said...

Keep us updated on your classes!

alternatefish said...

yeah! this is the first step in creating a Firefly universe.

(for those of you who aren't nerds and therefore haven't seen that show...basically China and the US took over the universe, so people speak both languages.)

Rocketstar said...

I have heard that Mandarin is maybe THE toughest language to learn. Good luck and hang in there.

You'll have to teach us how to swear in Mandarin, that's always the first thing you realy learn, right? ;o)

The Duck said...

w00t for the firefly reference from alternatefish. i need more of that show. *sigh*

good luck with the classes! not to discourage you, but i too have heard that mandarin is especially difficult to learn.

Travis Erwin said...

But I don't even like Oranges. :)

alternatefish said...

anytime, duck, anytime. :)

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