Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Is this thing on?

I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Phats and I am an Alcoholic. OK so not really, but I am a sportsaholic that's close right? So, Duck talked me into doing this mostly because he kidnapped Purdue Pete and said he wouldn't set him free for the big game unless I joined this fine group of bloggers, so here I am.

I guess alittle about myself, basically all you need to know is that I am a sports junky, mostly college and, mostly the best college team ever the Purdue Boilermakers BOILER UP! However, a lot of people get tired of reading that CHER, so I will keep it to a minimum for this neato idea of a blog. I was a little disappointed that I am not allowed to talk about my porn collection but then I figured if Cher can do, I can do it!

So to wrap my first post up lets talk about the VMA's! Did anyone watch? I admit I watched it to see what Britney AKA world's greatest mom would do. Boy was she a hot mess, she totally forgot her own song and she was lip syncing. I think the funniest part was the looks on the peoples faces in the crowd. I mean 50 and Diddy looked hilarious! Boy she is a hot mess, and this was suppose to be her great comeback, and did you all notice she really didn't even dance. Evidently the rest of the night turned into friday night fights as kid rock and tommy lee tussled. I am sure they were fighting over who gave Pam her latest STD. Anyone have other thoughts?

Have a great one
Remember to Boiler Up!


Tena said...

Phats, this is going to be interesting. You coach me on football and I'll coach you on ballet :-)

Phats said...

Tena- Sweet I saw you have a deal. I was a Purdue Cheerleader I might be able to do ballet? ha

Rocketstar said...

hey phats, LOL on teh STD comment.

So what NFL team do you root for, or is it JUST college?

angel, jr. said...

I thought it was a great blooper to add to her already growing collection.

Tena said...

Phats asked: I might be able to do ballet?

Phats, it all depends on your legs.

Phats said...

Rocketstar- I like the Colts and the Saints. But mostly into college. Do you have a college team you root for?

Angel- Ha AMEN brother

Tena- I have great legs I was a tumbler. haha

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